Bottle of Shampoo

I thought I would share with you, my faithful readers, another milestone of sorts that I achieved today… Early last October my mom and I set out in search of some chemical-free shampoo. I remember that shopping trip like it was yesterday. I was not yet bald –  though it was not far off at that point – and I desperately wanted to do everything I could to protect my scalp and encourage hair growth after chemo. Given that I was literally being poisoned every three weeks, I bought the most natural shampoo I could find and left the store with this bottle in hand…


I wondered many things on the way home that day. Would I cry when my hair came out? How would it happen? Would my nieces be afraid of the bald version of me? Would my hair ever grow back?

Would I live long enough to finish this bottle?

Today, as I squeezed the last drops of shampoo out of this bottle, I couldn’t help but pause to think about all that my body has been through and how far I have come. I now know all of the answers to the things I wondered that day.

I wish you all many bottles of shampoo.


2 thoughts on “Bottle of Shampoo

  1. a lesson I am learning from this post Nat: who needs crystal balls when answers come when we reach the end of a bottle of shampoo! I love the new curls of your hair.
    PS I was very grateful for my bottle of shampoo to wash away all the black flies and mosquitos in my hair after the weekend of long walks on cottage roads.
    – your kimi


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