All Clear

Although I played it pretty cool this morning at my appointment, there was a teeny tiny little piece of me that was preparing for bad news. But, I am happy to report that all of your messages and positive vibes carried me through today’s tests and I was given the ‘all clear’. As a wise friend pointed out to me this morning, today is one of those rare days when I should hope that the words “negative” and “unremarkable” are used to describe me.

As I was leaving, the technician asked me to remind all the 40+ year old females in my life to get their mammograms.



4 thoughts on “All Clear

  1. Fabulous news! I am so happy to hear it!!! I’ve had my mammogram a few months ago. Thanks- i’ll remind my friends too. Are the thyroid meds working alright yet?


  2. YEAH! So happy…..and I fully agree with you on the mammograms! Now, you need to heal your body and mind…the worst is over!


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