I am not dead

Ok, ok, the title of this blog is a little much. But I wanted to assure you that I’m alive and well (well?) Radiation is now comfortably behind me and I can happily report that my skin has healed. It is pink, tight and sore as hell, but it’s back to being in one continuous piece.

Of course, it would be too easy if the story ended there. After radiation I learned that my thyroid had stopped working. RIP thyroid. Please say hello to my appendix. Hypothyroidism is an unpleasant condition, causing weight gain, fatigue and depression, but one with an easy fix. It is a matter of finding the right dose of synthetic thyroid hormones, which unfortunately takes time and is a process of trial and error. So while the rest of the world deals with the temptations of opioids, I’m now tempted to abuse my thyroid medication to speed up my metabolism so that I can eat the things I like to eat to my heart’s content. Cue the intervention.

My hair is slowly growing back and it’s curly. To my great disappointment, it is much darker than what it has been my whole life. Did cancer also rob me of my ability to attribute the dumb things I do to “blonde moments”? Damn you, cancer. I’m taking that one back – I hereby reclaim my right to sometimes be a dumb blonde. I suppose I should be thankful that my hair is growing back. I remember how I worried that it wouldn’t.

Unfortunately for my armpit, it didn’t fare as well as my head did – the radiation seems to have stopped hair growth there. Think of all the time I’ll save over the rest of my life by not having to shave that armpit. Thank you radiation.

I found the end of treatment to be very difficult, which has been made all the more difficult by critical thyroid hormone levels. My eyes are still suffering the effects of chemo and my endurance is low. I continue to have a lot of medical appointments and I am still struggling to regain strength and put some distance between me and my diagnosis.

I am not out of the woods yet.




4 thoughts on “I am not dead

    • Hi Missy
      I am so happy to hear you are on the mend. Your title tells me are getting your spirits and spunk back…cannot wait to see you soon…..hint!
      Love you my dear🤗


  1. You poor thing….incredible what you have been through…..hope this is the tail end of it. Stay strong and focused on the prize…..I was talking to Renata and would love to get together with you for lunch when you are up to it…..
    Hugs, Annette


  2. Hang in there Natalie. Hypothyroidism is manageable- I hope the right mix of meds is sorted out soon and that you’ll feel better. We’re thinking of you- you’re strong… and we want you back! Big hugs!


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