Fight Like a Girl

I’ve been really looking forward to today for two reasons: The first reason being that today was my last of 29 sessions of radiation therapy!! The second reason was the anticipated delivery of this masterpiece. My dear friend and baker extraordinaire, Renata, delivered a cake to celebrate the end of radiation!


This carrot cake is every bit as delicious as it looks!!

My skin took a beating over these past 6 weeks. The skin under my armpit is literally split open and I’ve got some blisters bubbling up to the surface, and the affected area is quite red and sore. My skin will be at its worst 7-10 days after radiation, and then start to heal provided I avoid any skin infection. All of this is normal, I’m told.

My hair continues to grow. I’ve got about a quarter of an inch of straight light brown hair – it’s strange to see the reflection of darker hair in the mirror, as I’ve been blonde all of my life.

And so I have reached one more milestone in my recovery. This one, by far the sweetest!!



5 thoughts on “Fight Like a Girl

  1. Congrats on reaching this huge milestone, you did it!!!!!! And what a beautiful cake, I’m so glad you have such good friends with you. Enjoy your success and your cake too. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your last treatment…..even though you may still be suffering, there is an end in sight! Renata’s cake is awesome and well deserved! Enjoy!



  3. Congratulations on the end of your sessions! I wish you a speedy recovery from the radiation. Enjoy your cake, your friend did an amazing job!


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