Good Days & Bad Days

I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself lately – Recent blood work suggests I’m post-menopausal, which is not uncommon following chemotherapy. Only time will tell if it’s permanent or not.  I’m really tired all the time and I have a fair amount of body pain – cancer treatment has introduced me to my 80 year old self, 40+ years early. My skin is quite red and is blistering in some spots from the radiation. And although my hair has started to grow back, someone called me ‘sir’ at Costco the other day 😭😭😭

But today something really great happened that reminded me that I’m loved. Two dear friends of mine conspired to make sure I have a comfy ride to my radiation appointments this week. Thank you!!

I have a week full of appointments. Starting tomorrow, in addition to radiation, I will meet with my medical oncologist to discuss hormonal therapy, which is a medicine that is used to treat hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. It is recommended for me given that my cancer was positive for estrogen receptors. Typically, the medicine is taken for 5 years, although some studies are now suggesting that 10 years may be more effective.

And so I chug along toward the conclusion of my cancer treatment. But this week, the ride will be a little more pleasant.


2 thoughts on “Good Days & Bad Days

  1. You have every right to be feeling sorry for yourself…you have been through a horrible ordeal and the recovery is long…..however, this too shall pass!
    Hang in there…..Annette


  2. Hey Natalie. It has been a long road. Medicine and hormones wreak havoc. Little buggers. After all this, you can kick them to the curb.

    Thank goodness for good friends doing what they can to make your life more comfy. I am sending you an ehug until I can give you a real one.



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