Orange you glad it’s not happening to you?

Today was my 10th session of radiation. So far, things aren’t looking all that great…


An unfortunate looking orange.

Haha! Just kidding – I saw this unfortunate looking orange at the grocery store and it made me laugh. Maybe you’ll laugh too.

So far, radiation isn’t horrible, although I am pretty tired and still being annoyed by some lingering side effects of chemo (swelling, VERY itchy eyes, hot flashes and muscle aches and stiffness). From the radiation I have some mild discomfort and discolouration, but no “burns” yet. I have developed a very persistent and annoying cough that I am quite certain is NOT a cold, which could be something called radiation pneumonitis. I am seeing my radiation oncologist on Wednesday – she has a weekly clinic at which I am expected to attend – so we shall see what she says.

On a happy note, yesterday I received an in-person reminder of one of the many friends and family who have had my  back during this fight. Thank you Abiola!


I get by with a little help from my friends.



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