December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah my dear friends and family! I hope that everyone is enjoying good food and the warmth of the holidays. I’m in Alberta, wondering when my hair will start to grow back. Still no sign of it.

I’m still feeling the effects of chemo and am told by other cancer survivors that I will continue to do so for months, possibly years! I’m very tired, sore, weak and quite puffy. I suppose that shortbread and chocolate may have contributed to some of the puffiness, but surely you’ll indulge me and let me attribute most of it to chemo.

I received a phonecall from my radiaton oncologist the other day to confirm my radiaton treatment plan. I will receive 29 doses, 25 of which will be to the affected breast, and the remaining 4 will be directly to the tumor site. My doctor also confirmed that they were able to minimize the radiation to my heart (my cancer was in my left breast). Honestly, I thought that went without saying, but apparently not… So, I will receive radiation Monday to Friday for 6 weeks starting in the new year. I’m exhausted just thinking about it…


I couldn’t agree more, Trish!!



3 thoughts on “December 25

  1. Glad to read you are in Calgary with your family….ans YES, you do deserve to indulge and enjoy! Hopefully, the radiation will have fewer side effects than the chemo. You are almost there, so hang in there! Happy New Year!



  2. Hey Natalie, ha – interesting new year coming up. I hope it is filled with nothing but good health and your own natural cancer fighting cells g-damn it! Sounds like Christmas was nice for you. I am looking forward to getting together in the 2017 and seeing your new hair. : – )
    Hugs, Renata


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