Last Pair of Socks


My last pair of chemo socks!!

My last round of chemo is behind me. I was so glad when the IV machine beeped to indicate that my transfusion was complete. In my chemo pod were three other women receiving treatment for breast cancer, and it struck me again just how ubiquitous this disease seems to be.

After your last round of chemo, you are invited to ring a bell to celebrate. I rang the bell and everyone clapped and cheered for me, which was really nice. The whole experience  was really emotional for movo and me, and it brought tears to our eyes.


Ding dong, chemo’s done!

Hopefully round four doesn’t go out with dramatic flair. I slept through most of my nausea today, and battled chemo-induced hot flashes.

The next steps in my treatment are radiation and hormone therapy, which will all start in the new year. I am thankful that I have Christmas holidays to look forward to without any cancer treatment!


4 thoughts on “Last Pair of Socks

  1. Ah Natalie, glad it is all behind. That is a nasty illness, but you stayed true to yourself. Cheerful and lovely inside out! Sending all my love. Catherine


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