The Holy Grail

All week I have been searching. Searching for something to eat that doesn’t taste dreadful. While this may not sound all that bad, imagine being wholly disappointed by lifetime favorites. Imagine eating, but being totally unable to be satisfied.

My sense of taste has been totally and completely affected by this round of chemo. While I have noticed certain changes in my sense of taste during previous rounds of chemo, never before have these changes been so pronounced as this time around. There is a permanent white coating on my tongue that wont go away no matter how much I brush my teeth and my mouth is as dry as a cotton ball. Sweet has morphed in to salty. I haven’t had a Coke Zero to drink in months! I can literally taste plastic! Everything tastes terrible!

Unfortunately, I have been ravenous this whole time, thanks to an increase in the steroids I am taking. But at long last, I finally had a good meal tonight! The Chicken Souvlaki platter from Greek on Wheels! Delicious!



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