All Clear!

I am happy to report that the biopsy results came back fine. The surgeon confirmed that there is no evidence of malignancy in the skin punch biopsies taken, which is a relief but not a surprise. This of course did not stop me from obsessively googling everything I could about the possibilities. The skin punch biopsy was to test for something called inflammatory breast cancer, which is a very rare, aggressive form of breast cancer that presents itself as changes to the breast skin, as opposed to the development of a breast lump.

The surgeon suggested that my symptoms (which you will remember she had not seen before in someone who had not already undergone radiation therapy) could be explained by lymphedema of the breast. These results will be shared with the radiation oncologist to determine whether this will impact my radiation therapy.

So I am now 6 days out from my third chemo. I am very, very tired and weaker and slower than usual but am in good spirits and keeping movo on her toes.


3 thoughts on “All Clear!

  1. So glad to have news from you ! & to hear you are in good spirits !!! 🙂 Say hello to movo for me and remember … she loves you soooo much ! 🙂 xo


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