Three’s a charm?!


Moving right along!

Behold my third pair of chemo socks! These little watermelon beauties brightened my day for round three of chemo! It is hard to believe that I am more than half way through this part of my treatment.

This little chemo angel below was sent to me by Mary Ann and Laura. She must be doing her job because I am feeling much better after this round of chemo. I am up and about, eating normally and generally feeling ok. What a nice change from my last rounds of chemo! Yesterday I opted to take one of the chemo chemicals at a lower drip rate, which may also explain my improvement. Stubborn as I am, I had been insisting on receiving that chemical at the full drip rate so I could get out of the hospital faster! Lesson (maybe) learned.


My Chemo Angel. Thank you Mary Ann and Laura!



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