Lazy Sunday

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Thankfully there is no trace left of Ottawa’s first snowfall.

I pulled a muscle in my back on Thursday. Badly. This is getting very embarrassing. I can’t seem to go one week without some sort of injury! I am too embarrassed to go see my doctor about something that seems so trivial compared to what we have been meeting about these days!

The countdown is on for my next round of chemo. Thinking about my next round actually makes me very anxious as it means entire days that will be lost to sleep and nausea. I will be very happy when this part of my treatment is behind me. I have learned that cancer treatment is so much worse than actually having cancer. Go figure.

Lots of medical appointments this week, starting first thing tomorrow morning.

Sleep tight friends & family xxoo


One thought on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Hang tight! You are half way there, right? Sorry to read about your back… you need this now. Do mention to your doctor….
    You are in my thoughts often……you will get through this despite the unpleasantness……stay strong! Annette


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