Hello from the other side of round 2!

It was a rough past few days but I have emerged from my second round of chemo with all of my remaining organs intact (at the time of publication). However, I literally lost three entire days to sleep and nausea, which eventually gave way to muscle/bone pain in my legs from my neupogen injections. The neupogen’s job is to stimulate white blood cell (WBC) production as my own existing WBC stores start to dwindle.

We had a little drama on Monday night when my temperature danced around 38 before going over.Technically, as a cancer patient I am supposed to go to the emergency room when my temperature hits 38; however, I have established my own personal cancer protocol which dictates that I do not go in to the hospital for less than 38.5. Anyway, I went exorcist on movo when she told me she was calling 911. My extensive medical training paid off and my fever subsided on its own without the need to spend 4 days in the hospital.

Today I had my post-op follow up and I am pleased to report that I did not have, nor will I ever have appendix cancer (which is an actual thing, by the way.)

So I spend my days resting and reading, hoping that I am well beyond any organ-rejection timeframe, and that my temperature remains comfortably below 38.5.

Hope everyone is happy and well 🙂

PS. These beauties brightened my rough days following chemo!!


Thank you Marisa & RJ!



3 thoughts on “Hello from the other side of round 2!

  1. Hi, Natalie,

    So sorry to hear you’re going through the dreaded C. Stay strong and lots of love to you for a quick and victorious battle.


  2. You are such an amazing person – it takes strength and courage to go through this which you have – from a friend perspective thank you for sharing the ups downs and victories of your journey – we will celebrate your victories along the way with you – C


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