My new blog

The world probably doesn’t need another breast cancer blog. Sorry world.

Not sure if this is going to work, but I thought I would try using this blog to post little updates for my friends, enemies and family as I progress through my cancer treatment. A lot of you have written to tell me how much you enjoy getting my updates so here we go…

I am still in self-imposed quarantine because of my very low neutrophils and white blood cells. Movo is busy knitting me a sweater, Quincy is sulking after having been man-handled by us to give her a pill, and I am busy trying to calculate when to do the great head shave of 2016. While I am shedding more than usual, I don’t think the actual chemo hair loss has started. I did take scissors to my hair the other night because it felt so heavy in my scalp. I didn’t do anything noble with the hair – Held on to it for a few days until it started to feel a bit weird and finally sent it down the garbage chute. What’s left is quite short, and quite curly.


So long, old friend.


I got a sweet care package in the mail today from my friend Gwen with some great cancer care products from Give-A-Care. Thanks Gwen! I love it!


Cancer Sux!

So I guess this is it. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog.


2 thoughts on “My new blog

  1. Hi Natalie. I didn’t know you can write so well! Maybe this is a new talent emerging from your journey through the process of beating cancer. I loved your piece on Run for the Cure. It made me sit and think about a lot of things. I think I hugged my kids a few extra times that day! Wishing you well each and every day, especially after the appendix ordeal. Stay Strong.
    Marilyn Lauziere


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