CIBC Run for the Cure Day


-Originally sent October 2, 2016 –

Greetings from my couch – One of my top three spots these days.

Today was the CIBC Run for the Cure. In 2004, I walked the Run for my friend Jane, who was battling breast cancer while pursuing a PhD at the University of Waterloo. Although Jane didn’t survive breast cancer, I keep many happy memories from that day. I remember the warmth of the sun contrasted with the chill that had settled in the autumn air. I remember the pride that I felt when attaching my tag proclaiming my support for Team Jane. I remember the excitement as we all anticipated the start of the Run. But what I remember most of all is Jane’s happiness – She was having a blast! We all were! I realize now how important and significant that happiness was, and that I had no idea of the battle she was waging against breast cancer.

I didn’t think about breast cancer much until another friend, Catherine, was diagnosed years later. Even then, it was something that happened to other people, not to me. And although she was very open with her experience, I realize that I still didn’t really understand what she had been going through.

Now I do. And it sucks. It really sucks, but I will beat it. Like Catherine did. And maybe next year, I will run for myself.

So at this time of year when our employers are asking us to consider making charitable donations, perhaps you will consider donating to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It would be a positive step so that all of the little girls in our lives have one less thing to worry about.

So as to not leave you all on a sombre note, I am attaching a picture of the tag that my friend, Rhonda, wore to the Run this morning. I wonder if maybe she felt a little of the same pride attaching my tag as I felt years ago attaching Jane’s.

Love, Natalie xxoo


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