Appendicitis or Bust


First day of chemo was September 23, 2016

-Originally sent September 30, 2016-
Hello my dear friends and family,

So sorry for the delay in updating everyone. I have only had my cell phone with me occasionally so some of you received cryptic messages at odd hours of the night, pecked out with one hand to the light of an IV machine that went crazy every time I bent my arm.

My first round of chemo is now behind me. The administration of the chemo itself was no problem – I had to wear ice slippers and gloves to protect the nail beds while the chemical went in, which meant no reading or typing.  By Saturday I started to feel very nauseous and developed some belly pain which worsened into Sunday. By Monday I had a fever of 38.5, which for cancer patients can spell trouble. So the home care nurse called the ambulance and we were whisked off to the hospital, much to the interest, I’m sure, of my neighbours over at the Method One Clinic, where I had a CT scan and blood work.

At around 9.30 that night, the doc came into my little pod to inform us that he had bad news: My first thought was that they had found cancer in my gut – Given the mass amounts of Coke Zero I drink, I suppose gut cancer isn’t too far fetched…  Fortunately, it was not stomach cancer – the CT scan suggested I had appendicitis. My mom and I burst out laughing – Big, belly laughs! We roared, much to the surprise of the doctor. We both thought a double consult to psychiatry might be in order at that point. Of all the things to happen, at all the times to happen…  So my appendix was removed on Tuesday morning and I was kept in hospital until my release today.

Becuse of the chemo, I have no immune system and I’m developing mystery rashes and my hair is starting to fall out. Given my lack of immune system and my germophobia the hospital is an unpleasant place for me to be!!! Fortunately, I am now home, waiting for dinner to be served.

Thank you to all of you, my wonderful friends and family for all of your support and offers to visit and to help me and movo. Know that we are so very appreciative of all of the amazing people in our lives. Now is not good time for me to have visitors but I will look forward to catching up with everyone when I’m feeling (and looking) better!

Love, Natalie xxoo

PS. The night before my first chemo, my friend Rhonda brought me 4 pairs of chemo socks. I am to wear one pair for each of my 4 rounds of chemo and then never wear them again. I attach a picture of my chemo socks as well as me wearing my first pair.


A pair of socks for each round of chemo


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